We offer a full range of programming services across multiple environments. There is not too much we can’t handle, and we’re able to assist you at the highest levels of planning and execution of your IT strategy. Here is a brief overview of some of the services we provide:

Application Design
The most important part of any software endeavor is the planning and analysis stage. If you miss the mark at this point of the journey, you can find yourself way off course–which can prove costly. Our engineers will help you develop a custom plan aimed at helping you efficiently reach your goals.

Programming & Set-Up
Once a plan is in place, we have the team to make it all work. Regardless of which of our broad range of programming languages we use from our toolkit, you can be sure the code is tightly written for speed and performance.

Project Management
The key to keeping your costs down, while ensuring excellence throughout a project scope is expertise with project management. We not only provide management with our team, but we can also drive projects using your staff as well, keeping things on track and on schedule.

Vendor Evalution
If you’re looking at a few different vendors who are providing software solutions, we can help you navigate through the maze of technology to make the best choice. We speak the language, and understand the landscape and can serve as your trusted advisor in the decision process.

Software Evaluation/Install
Just as we can evaluate vendor offering, we can also evaluate different software options and provide you with expert recommendations. Once a choice is made, we can provide installation for the software, making sure everything goes as planned.

Operating System Upgrades/Tuning
In this day and age of rapidly evolving software environments, keeping up with the latest upgrades is essential to your success. Put Taylored Software to work to take care of the upgrades for your systems as well as providing maintenance and tuning to keep them humming along.

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